This is my cat. Sometimes I don’t have any words.

Best day ever. I cannot begin to explain how much this meant to me. To be able to meet all 5, alone, at once was the most perfect experience. This band has been a part of my life for 21 years. I can’t stop smiling ;)


Obsessed with your Disney wedding. Absolutely amazing that you had that experience of a lifetime. I love Disney so much. It is truly the happiest place on earth! You looked like a true princess on your wedding day! Congrats!

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Oh thanks so much!! every girl deserves a disney wedding ;)
It was honestly the most incredible experience of my entire life!

5/29/2014 (6:31pm)


Do you have a link to your blog so that I can see your wedding photos? My dream is to have a disney wedding as well! The photos I have seen of yours here on tumblr are just beautiful!

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Hey! I don’t have a link unfortunately. I post a lot on my Instagram though! Haleyyadele is my username on there!

A disney wedding was my dream too, I highly recommend it whenever that time comes, they truly make you feel like a princess :)

4/21/2014 (11:25am)

This is what I send to my husband. Hahaha


this kid is smarter than like 70% of adults.

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Can we just talk about these cupcakes I made at work this morning? Haha I love them.